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3. A Typical Craftsman?

John Partridge Bull: A Typical Craftsman?

As a class, share your collective knowledge about Bull, his life, and his times, to come up with an assessment of the following in terms of Bull as a craftsman. Make sure to include evidence from the web site and outside research to support why you made the choices that you did.

1. Amount of money
2. Studying as an apprentice    
3. Sponsoring an apprentice    
4. Working for members of the community    
5. Level of work    
6. Doing labor to pay debts    
7. Accepting labor or goods in payment of debts    
8. Owning a shop and running his business there    
9. Keeping detailed records of his work and of the payments owed to him    
10. Level of success    
11. Setting up shop away from his master    
12. Serving in the military before starting his business    
13. Making sure that his children were educated or learned a trade    
14. Participating in the barter system    
15. Having his children participate in his trade    
16. Traveling to determine where best to set up shop    
17. Not attending college    
18. Being literate    
19. Not supplementing his trade with farming    
20. Serving as a locksmith, a blacksmith, and a gunsmith    
21. Tiring of his craft and returning to farming    
22. Not using indentured servants    
23. Not following his father's occupation    
24. Being the son of a minister    
25. Leaving written records behind    
26. Holding a high position (armorer) at an early age    

If you need to return to the main body of this activity to re-assess any of the evidence presented, use the navigation links at the top of the page.

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